Bear, wild cat spotted in Portage County

Bear, wild cat spotted in Portage County

RAVENNA, OH (WOIO) - The Portage County Sheriff confirms more than a half dozen sightings of what residents are calling a black panther in the county.

The reports started coming in on May 31st and continue through July

Recently, a farm located near the intersection of Frost and Diagonal Roads in Mantua, Ohio was attacked by a wild animal. Mules were injured when something looking like a black panther or leopard spooked them.

On top of the wild cat alert, there's a black bear running around taunting residents too. The bear has been captured on camera by several residents. In one case, the bear rang a resident's door bell.

Sheriff David Doak said Portage County is starting to sound like "the wild kingdom" and they are doing their best to alert residents of the incidents.

He believes Ohio new exotic animal law has scared exotic pet owners into releasing their 'wild things' into dense, wooded areas.

Is this just the bear or is there a cat too? Get your camera out and start snapping. It's the only way to be sure!

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