Carl Monday helps dog left in hot car

Carl Monday helps dog left in hot car

On a sun-drenched day like today, it's no time to be trapped inside a scorching vehicle.  So why would anyone leave their pet in the backseat of a truck for over two hours?

Carl Monday came to the rescue of the neglected animal, and confronted the clueless owner.

Around 9:30 a.m. while the sun was already beating down, Aurie Nutaitis heard a dog barking as she passed a parking lot at W. 3rd and St. Clair, "I looked into some of the cars and didn't see anything. So I thought it was outside barking."

An hour and a half later, we got a tip about a dog trapped inside a pick-up at the same lot.  Animal Control Chief John Baird is already there.

"We're gonna get him out of there. It's not safe. Three's no food in there. No fresh water and he really needs out as soon as possible," he told us while taking the temperature on the surface of the truck.

It's already 100 degrees, but that was outside the truck.

As we wait for police to arrive to break in, we notice a slight crack in the rear window and try to coax the dog out.

As a cat owner, Carl Monday's dog rescue skills fall short so he leaves it up to the pros.  After at least two hours trapped inside, the young pit bull mix is pulled from the stifling hot vehicle.

"There you go. He's hot to the touch."

Carl Monday and his camera man camped out waiting for the dog's owner to arrive.  It was time to put him in the hot seat.

But as we approach him, he shouted "I don't want to be on the news!"

Carl Monday, "Well you're on the news buddy. Why did you leave your dog in the truck?"

The man continued to blow us off as Carl asked, "What do you mean go on. It's a hundred degrees in there."

The man continued to shout, saying, "Because of a dog?"

Yes, because of a dog.  And what about the parking lot operators, why didn't they do anything?

"The people who called said they tried to talk to them and were told to get out of here and mind their own business," Baird told us.

Fortunately, the seven week old pup survived the ordeal and is doing better.  Can't say the same for the dog's owner.

We're still trying to find out who the dog's owner is. We're told he could be a downtown construction worker.

Whoever he is, he could face animal cruelty charges and a possible $1,000 fine and 6 months in jail.

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