Editorial: Don't destroy Penn State

WOIO Editorial: Don't destroy Penn State

(WOIO) - The independent investigation of what went wrong at Penn State in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal is a disturbing report. Up and down the chain of command at the university, there was a widespread cover-up, all of it done in the name of protecting Penn State's football team and its legendary coach Joe Paterno.

But instead of going to work on a reasoned approach to correcting what went wrong, critics have instead formed a lynch party aimed at Penn State's football program.

The NCAA has not even ruled out the so called death penalty for Penn State football, which would mean a one or two year suspension of its program. Some on the Board of Trustees there want to tear down the statue of Paterno which stands outside Beaver Stadium.

Well, hopefully, cooler heads will prevail because what's needed is a strict set of rules and procedures governing the conduct of university employees who find themselves in a similar situation. Blowing up Penn State isn't the answer.

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