Editorial: Firefighter's Scandal

WOIO Editorial: Firefighter's Scandal

(WOIO) - For over six months now, 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek has been all over the payroll scandal at the Cleveland Fire Department. This is where firefighters would have their buddies work for them but still punch the time clock like they were there. One firefighter was even living in California. Well, Gallek's news reporting led to an investigation and indictments.

And, now comes an expensive new timekeeping system to prevent future fraud, but, also something of a power grab by Mayor Frank Jackson.

Voters this November will decide if the mayor should be able to hire and fire the Fire Chief. Currently, the Fire Chief is a civil service position. Well, we can support that move, but the question before voters also includes three new positions - deputy fire chiefs who would also report to the mayor. Well, that's nonsense. Adding another layer of managers is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money. If anything, there should be fewer managers and more fire fighters.

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