Family of Amanda Berry still waits for answers

Nine years later, the sister of missing teenager Amanda Berry still waits.

Beth Serrano is waiting for answers about her kid sister's disappearance but even more, she waits for Amanda to walk through the door.

Berry, a teenager, vanished on the eve of her 17th birthday. It was April 21, 2003. She was walking north on W.110th from the Burger King on Lorain where she worked.

"Your sister is suppose to be your best friend. When she left I lost that," sobbed Serrano.

The dig site where investigators acting on a tip, searched for Berry's remains is a place her older sister couldn't even think about visiting.

"I just want someone to help me" Serrano said.

In the dimly lit living room of her house, surrounded by her husband and kids, Serrano talked about her shock when she saw the mug shot of the prisoner that led investigators on wild goose hunt.

Robert Wolford was someone Amanda knew and the reason investigators took his lead so seriously. Her question, if she could ask him, "why would you?"

The devoted big sister says no family should ever face the disappointment from this type of false alarm. However Serrano claims the hurt from not knowing is only made bearable with hope that one day she'll have and answer or even better, her sister.

"Just bring her home," Serrano pleaded."

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