Vandals destroy Akron community garden

Vandals destroy Akron community garden

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Vandals ravaged a community garden in Akron's Mason Park over the weekend.

The garden was a source of pride and hope for less fortunate families at the local elementary school.

Today young gardeners worked hard in the 90 degree heat trying to fix the damage done by the vandals.

"Why would they do it?" one little boy asked.

Susan Raines found the mess, her kids helped make this garden grow.

"Stuff everywhere plants ripped up, it was horrible.  My kids got to see all that which made it even worse."

This is a brand new community garden in the Mason Park section of Akron.  These elementary school aged children from all over the city have planted, weeded and watered their plants for the last six weeks in a summer camp program called Sprouts.

La'nya Brooks says, "It was almost time for us to pick the tomatoes, we didn't get to because they ripped all of them out."

The Sprouts are supposed to learn how to grow their own vegetables and eat healthier.  Now, unfortunately they've had to learn a new lesson as they vow to replant what was torn out.

Tom Crane with The NEOhaus Institute says, "The important thing is that you can lift yourself up and not focus on the negative, keep moving forward, and eventually, eventually things are going to go our way."

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