Glenville High football coach reacts to Penn State punishment

Glenville High football coach reacts to Penn State punishment

The NCAA pretty much took the air out of the football for Penn State state Monday, pummeling the school with penalties for not doing more to stop Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children.

They slapped the school with a $60 million fine, banned the team from playing in postseason bowls for four years, stripped them of some scholarships and erased every Nittany Lion Football win from 1998 through 2011.

Penn State football players will be allowed to transfer to other colleges to play, without the normal penalties. 19 Action News spoke to a high school coach about what advice he'll give to his players.

Ted Ginn Sr. is no stranger to football. He's been at Glenville High school for 36 years, the head coach for 15 years, and in that time he's won city championships and has taken the team to the state playoffs. Over the years at least a dozen of his players have been recruited to the Penn State Football Program but decided to go elsewhere. The popular coach says if one of his players wanted to go to Penn State now, in light of the scandal, he wouldn't try to stop them.

"I would continue to support that that's a place of higher learning and that's what we're in the business for our kids to be educated. That doesn't bother me at all," said Ted Ginn Sr.

Like everyone Ginn is bothered by the cover-up and the victims.

"That's just unfortunate whatever happened there happened," said Ted Ginn Sr.

Some parents we talked to tell us ultimately it would be up to their kid if he wanted to play for the university.

"That final decision would be left up to him. He has to live with that decision for four years not dad," said Ronnie Bryant.

As for Ginn he says it's more than just football. It's about teaching kids morals and values on and off the field and making decisions that would better their future.

"If Penn State is the place they choose I think that's an opportunity for them and they should take it," said Ted Ginn Sr.

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