Police: Several bubbles busted at Solon foam party

Police: Several bubbles busted at Solon foam party

SOLON, OH (WOIO) - A report of a foam party Friday night at Grantwood Golf Course Pavilion led to at least five arrests, according to the Solon Police Department.

Police say nearly 800 teens paid about $10 to get in the foam party- which is basically a pool party with your clothes on.  They usually take place in a bar, a party house or in the case of the Electro Foam party in Solon, it took place at the Grantwood Golf Course.

This one got out of control. Police say there was underage drinking, drugs and sex.

We asked some teens what they would do if they were in the middle of all this bumping and grinding but only one teen admitted he would have loved to have went.

"Whether in Austria or the United States, you still want to go. Yeah, I want to," said one eager teen.

Police are still investigating but say five juveniles could be charged as well.

The adults who were arrested will be in court early next month.

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