Wicked Weather, Baby Abused, Cats Rescued

Wicked weather in our area tonight.  Reports of downed trees and flash floods.  We'll bring you the latest, plus Jeff Tanchak says more storms could be headed our way.

A tiny baby with broken bones.  We're talking about a 9-month-old in the hospital.  And tonight we get our first look at the suspect, the mother's boyfriend.

Plus, more than a dozen cats locked up in a hot garage.  The Humane Society came to their aid, but now they need your help to find more permanent homes.

And an inspiring story about a woman who is changing lives, one pair of shoes at a time.  Dawn Kendrick with the lady turning Cleveland kids into girls with "sole"!

David and I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 11.

Denise Dufala