Teen inmates keep damaging Juvenile Justice Center

Teen inmates keep damaging Juvenile Justice Center

Taxpayers are taking a big hit over at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center.

Authorities say inmates have caused more than $18,000 in damage and counting.

These kids have figured out how to break off the sprinkler head in the ceiling and flood their cells.  The county has yet to fix it and it keeps happening over and over again.

So far kids locked up in this $189 million palace have cost you the tax payer more than $18,000 in damages.

We first told you about the sprinkler systems being damaged by teens in their own cells.

So far there has been damage in 11 cells on five separate occasions.  The latest in March.  Teens have also damaged 6 windows and 3 televisions.

We asked why the county hasn't done anything to fix the problem yet. We found out the Juvenile Court Administration is only the tenant.  The county owns the building so we asked the county's top engineer Doug Dillon how they outsmart a teenager.

He said they are, "looking to seek a variance so we can change the code approved sprinkler heads into a different configuration to make it vandal proof."

Juvenile court officials won't talk on camera but we're told they are modifying their operations inside the Detention Center and putting more emphasis on supervision to stop the destruction of taxpayer's property.

In an e-mail, court officials say the sprinkler system is state of the art and is tamper resistant, but not tamper-proof, and that they are working on a solution.

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