Dimora talks, tearfully addresses the court while seated

Day 2 of Jimmy Dimora Sentencing Phase
Jimmy Dimora
Jimmy Dimora

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Jimmy Dimora became emotional during the final phase of his sentencing on Tuesday.

Dimora started to cry and wiped away tears as his attorney read parts of letters his friends and family wrote.

Dimora did tearfully address the court while seated, and said he had nothing to do with any type of criminal activity with regards to Cuyahoga County. He said he "had no idea any of that was going on. Had I known that, I would have made the necessary reporting as to that kind of activity. I was not a part of ripping off the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County with that type of activity."

Like on Monday, Dimora used a walker to enter the courtroom.

Dimora has not adjusted well in prison, according to 19 Action News sources. He had a fall in prison and was hospitalized for a head injury for several days.

Dimora was convicted of all but one of the nearly three dozen charges against him. Judge Lioi later overturned one of the convictions.

Dimora still faces a long prison term. A federal sentencing guideline recommended punishment of up to life in prison. Dimora's lawyers are expected to spend much of their time arguing that the recommendation is far too severe.

Attorneys for the government want Dimora to serve at least 22 years as a minimum prison term.

Dimora's lawyers made progress in arguing to lowering dollar amount of bribes that allegedly benefited him.  The government had asked for more than $3 million to be charged against Dimora.  But after a full day of arguments, Judge Lioi eventually set the number at just over $451,801.51.  The lower number could greatly impact the amount of time Dimora receives. The dollar amount will help determine Dimora's restitution amount as well.

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