Dimora Sentencing, Lake County West Nile, Olympic Keys Lost

Jimmy Dimora
Jimmy Dimora

Jimmy Dimora is expected to take the stand this morning during Day #2 of his sentencing phase. Like on Monday, Dimora used a walker to enter the courtroom. He is sitting at the end of the defense table, arms folded. He's wearing glasses again today and is in an orange jumpsuit. Dimora has not adjusted well in prison, according to 19 Action News sources. He had a fall in prison and was hospitalized for a head injury for several days. Dimora was convicted of all but one of the nearly three dozen charges against him. Judge Lioi later overturned one of the convictions. Monday's proceedings wrapped up after five witnesses testified on Dimora's behalf, the last being Dimora's daughter, Lisa. Dimora still faces a long prison term. A federal sentencing guideline recommended punishment of up to life in prison. Dimora's lawyers are expected to spend much of their time arguing that the recommendation is far too severe. Attorneys for the government want Dimora to serve at least 22 years as a minimum prison term.

The Lake County General Health District announced that the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) confirmed three additional mosquito pools tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV). A "pool" is a collection of no more than 50 mosquitoes. The Lake County General Health District staff collected the samples between July 9 and July 17. Area mosquito counts remain very low due to the unusual dryness; however the mosquitoes responsible for West Nile Virus prefer to breed in organic water that may be found in areas around malfunctioning septic systems and gutters clogged with decaying leaves.

Officials announced a set of keys that could once open London's Wembley Stadium has been lost. Police responsible for security at the famous sports arena realized the keys were gone last week. Scotland Yard detectives searched for the set, but could not find them. All of the stadium's internal locks have been changed, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Police said there was never a security concern. Wembley Stadium will host the soccer finals for the Olympics.

Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager