Wanted: Catholic Parish seeks help finding vandals

Wanted: Catholic Parish seeks help finding vandals

SOUTH EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Three statues on the campus of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish (formerly St. Gregory the Great) on South Green Road in South Euclid were desecrated this past weekend when they were toppled from their pedestals.

"It is beyond words it's so devastating to see," said Father Dave Ireland. "These are not just pieces of art these are very rich symbols of our faith and to see somebody desecrate them so just breaks your heart."

The South Euclid Police Department is seeking assistance in locating the vandals.

The statues have now been placed in temporary storage until repairs can be made. Two of the larger statues of St. Anthony and the Blessed Virgin Mary would have required a considerable effort to dislodge from their pedestals. The statue of the Virgin Mary weighs more than 1,000 pounds.

"I just hope they have a change of heart and return to god and find some peace in their hearts," said Father Dave Ireland.

Anyone with information leading to those responsible, please call the South Euclid Police Department at 216-381-1234.

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