Editorial: A new start for the Browns

WOIO Editorial: A new start for the Browns

(WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns are going through yet another shake-up…only this time it might be the best thing to happen to the team since it was bought by the Lerner family in 1998.

News out of Berea is that Randy Lerner - who inherited the team when his father died – has sold his controlling interest in the organization to a businessman from Tennessee.

Lerner's exit from the team should, on the surface at least, prove positive for the team and its chances for future success. Although he spent money to try and improve the organization, it's been clear for a long time that Randy Lerner had neither the aptitude nor the interest to own and manage an NFL franchise.

He lives in the Hamptons in New York and his real love is soccer, a sport he learned while in college in England and today, he owns one of Britain's premier teams. Getting someone passionate about Cleveland football to own and run the team would be a good thing and, hopefully that's what is in store.

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