Editorial: 28 Years

WOIO Editorial: 28 Years

(WOIO) - Jimmy Dimora's new home is a prison in North Carolina. Gone is the swimming pool and the tiki hut. Gone is the outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. Gone are the free trips, the free meals, and the prostitutes. All paid for with bribes.

But, to the end, Jimmy Dimora maintains that he is squeaky clean. Well, he clearly is guilty of hosing taxpayers for his own gain, but his stiff sentence may also be payback for Dimora's feisty rants against federal prosecutors. You know, former Ohio Congressman James Traficant also took bribes and he only got eight years. East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor received nine years for taking bribes.

So, is jimmy's sentence fair? Well, the judge did follow the mandatory guidelines but Dimora's lengthy prison sentence was really set in motion two years ago as prosecutors built a case that included multiple counts of racketeering and, yet Dimora through it all remained defiant and remorseless.

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