Which presidential candidate are the ladies leaning towards?

Which presidential candidate are the ladies leaning towards?

A new poll about who the ladies like for president is out -- and it shows President Obama is leading Mitt Romney by a huge margin among women voters in Ohio.

The margin is 20% according to this latest poll-- but a poll in May says Romney was ahead by three points. Did something change or are one or both of the polls flawed?

"It is a scary time to be a woman. Mitt Romney is just so out of touch," said President Obama.

President Obama's message that Mitt Romney is waging a war on women could explain the poll results but then there is the economy. Clearly Cleveland, that relied on heavy industry, has been hard hit.
Today blow torches are being put to a different use to prepare batter for cupcakes at a Cookie and a Cupcake in Tremont. Co-owner Wendy Thompson opened four years ago when the economy was the pits. "We could appreciate a little small business loan here and there to grow you know, and then we can hire more people."

Wendy isn't sure a gender gap is responsible for the poll results. More likely the conservative versus liberal leanings of men and women. Her business partner Syndee Bergen agrees. "I don't necessarily think it's about gender," said Syndee Bergen.
Syndee oversee's "Churned." An ice cream shop she and Wendy expanded into in June. She wants a president who will foster an uphill downhill relationship with business.

Along with frying potato pancakes Mike Sokolowski, who owns Sokolowski's Inn, has to run the business side.

"I scratch my head every month and wonder where my money went in the taxes," said Mike Sokolowski.

He's not sure a political campaign reflects who candidates really are. "I think they all mean well at first but who knows what happens when they get in office," said Mike Sokolowski.

While small business owners boil it down to the economy the poll shows single women struggling to get by support the president two to one. Look for the Obama camp to continue to paint Romney as conducting a war on women.

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