Megabus Mayhem: Deadly bus crash

Megabus Mayhem: Deadly bus crash

Police are investigating a deadly crash involving a megabus.

The bus was traveling from Chicago to St. Louis but the megabus makes stops here in Cleveland.

The fatal crash happened Thursday afternoon on I-55 in Litchfield, IL.

More than 70 people were on board the bus when it crashed into a concrete bridge support.
"We were driving on the highway and I heard a tire blow out just boom, boom, boom," said Zaq Hall.

Illinois State Police have confirmed one person was killed and several other passengers were injured, some seriously.

The uninjured passengers were taken to the Litchfield Community Center and arrangements were made to get them to their final destinations.

The driver of the coach was taken to the hospital for surgery.

His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

We caught up with several passengers getting on a megabus from downtown Cleveland headed to Toledo and Chicago.
"I've taken the megabus several times and it always seems safe to me so not really worried about it."
"I rode it before and not had problems."
"Anytime I hear about an accident I'm concerned."

Megabus has routes to more than 80 cities. According to the latest safety report in the last two years there have been six megabus crashes leaving four people injured. Thursday's fatal accident was the first for the discount travel carrier since the September 2010 crash outside Syracuse, NY.

Four passengers were killed in that accident.

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