Attack Caught On Camera, New Boss in Berea, Jobs Rollercoaster

Good evening,  I'm Romona Robinson in the 19 Action newsroom.

Caught on camera!
An elderly man is beaten and laughed at for being a good neighbor.
We'll show you how he's getting justice…and the last laugh.

The billion dollar Browns!
We talk one-on-one…with the new owner and how he plans to make the Browns winners!

It was a hot July on the job market…so why is unemployment still growing?"
We'll break it all down, plus tell you how the presidential candidates are spinning the numbers.

It beats the blues and viruses too?
We've got more on the anti-depressant that's being called a miracle drug!

Also…Lebron rejected!
We'll tell you why the NBA MVP reportedly got turned down for a date at the summer games.

Hope you're enjoying your evening and you'll join David and me tonight at 11!