Ohio superintendent accused of theft resigns

Ohio superintendent accused of theft resigns

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - Ohio Superintendent Stan Heffner announced his intention to resign from office effective next Friday, August 10, almost 10 days following release of a report from the Ohio Inspector General that confirmed "reasonable cause" for violations of state ethics laws. The report also raised serious questions that Heffner may have engaged in theft in office, pay to play and perjury.

Following release of the report, Governor Kasich claimed that "dismissal [of Heffner] seems too far." In response to today's latest news that Kasich has not yet called for a criminal investigation, and Heffner will continue to collect a paycheck from Ohio taxpayers until next Friday, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

"It's incredibly alarming that Governor John Kasich elevated Stan Heffner to Superintendent after these allegations of illegal activity first arose, and he continues to act as if the allegations of theft in office, pay to play, and perjury are no big deal.

"If it weren't for the Governor playing politics and forcing the former Superintendent from office in the first place, Stan Heffner may never have had the opportunity to commit these alleged illegal acts. But throughout this entire process, Governor Kasich has turned a blind eye to the corruption in his administration.

"Heffner has already collected over $220,000 since the day he first committed these very serious alleged illegal acts, and now the Governor is allowing him to collect even more. Instead of permitting Heffner to pick his own day of departure, Governor Kasich should finally show some leadership by calling for a criminal investigation, firing Heffner, and prohibiting him from collecting another $4500 from Ohio taxpayers. Ohioans have already foot the bill for this corruption for too long, it's insulting of the Governor to make Ohioans pay Heffner for another week."