Man spearheads fundraiser for sister after dog attack

Man spearheads fundraiser for sister after dog attack

A man has organized a national fundraiser to help his sister recover from a vicious dog attack.

30-year-old Sarah Ziebro has an epileptic condition and while she was incapacitated by a seizure, the pit bull she rescued was startled and attacked.

Sarah suffered injuries to her face and neck, and received 600 stitches. She's currently recuperating, but will need many more surgeries to repair the damage.

Sarah is a Parma native, but was attacked while at her parent's home in Florida on July 23.

On Thursday, August 9, Relentless Recovery, Inc, a repo company in Cleveland, will hold a benefit for Sarah.

Each worker, if they wish to participate, may make a personal pledge.

Sarah's brother, John, will donate $25 for each car re-possessed. In a typical day, about 25-30 cars are re-possessed. The company owners are also each separately donating $25 per car from their personal funds.

"She has enough strain and stress in dealing with this, the weight on her shoulders and adjusting to life after this, so that's why we've tried to do these fundraisers," John said.

The company has businesses nationwide, and all workers have been encouraged to participate.

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