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Loud sonic booms may be explained

(Toledo News Now) - Many people have been reporting they heard loud booms all across northwest Ohio.

Reports came in from Fostoria, Findlay, Bellevue, Tiffin, Bloomville, Clyde, Fremont and upper Sandusky.

The 180th Fighter Wing regularly performs highly sophisticated maintenance procedures on its high performance F-16 fighter jets. After major modifications, the aircraft must complete a functional check flight, which includes reaching supersonic speeds, to make sure the jet is safe and ready for flights.

One of the jets completed this testing between 10 and 11 Wednesday morning. Normally this occurs away from densely populated areas and above an altitude of 40,000 feet, but area residents may still have heard the sonic boom.

Major Gary Bentley said people can normally only hear the booms a few times a year and that tests happen south of Bowling Green and north of Findlay, with a warning prior.

The 180th Fighter Wing is located at Toledo Express Airport in Swanton.

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