Editorial: Disclosing Tax Returns

WOIO Editorial: Disclosing Tax Returns

(WOIO) - Members of Congress, democrats mostly, are demanding that GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney release more than just two years of his income tax returns. But in a shameless display of hypocrisy, these same members of Congress, both democrats and republicans, refuse to release their own tax returns.

The McClatchy News Service recently polled all 535 members of Congress inviting them to make full-disclosure of their tax returns, but only 17 agreed to do so. Here in Ohio, House Speaker John Boehner replied tersely, "That's my private business."

Well, we also asked a few other Ohio politicians including Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressman Jim Renacci. And, they too, politely refused. You know Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been the most outspoken on the issue of Romney's tax returns - even going so far as to imply that maybe Romney hadn't paid any federal taxes in years. And yes, you guessed it; Senator Harry Reid won't show his tax returns either.

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