Asbestos issue closes Riverside school

Asbestos issue closes Riverside school

(WOIO) - Hale Road Elementary may remain closed past the start of the school year after the presence of asbestos was detected in the building.

School officials placed a sign on the front door of the school warning people to stay out.

Parents and students in the Riverside School District received a reverse phone call and email alerting them of the situation. (Read Below)

Good afternoon, this is Superintendent James Kalis calling with an important message about Hale Road Elementary School.  As some of you may be aware summer time is a busy time in our schools, much work is done to prepare them for the start of the new school year.  This year was no exception, during routine summer construction and maintenance work the existence of asbestos was found at Hale Road Elementary.  We believe this happened when asbestos was disturbed during the construction process.  We immediately halted the summer construction and maintenance work and are working with a firm to clean and restore the building to safe levels.
  Unfortunately, we were notified that the complete clean-up will not be done in time to start the new school year.  Please know we are doing everything possible to secure an alternate school location to start the school year for your students, who normally attend Hale Road Elementary School.  We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available and will post this information on the district web site.
 We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

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