Caught on Tape: Cleveland Police investigate dognapping

Caught on Tape: Cleveland Police investigate dognapping

Cleveland Police are investigating a reported dognapping. Cops say the crime was caught on tape and happened in broad daylight.

"They just opened the door and the dog came running cause she's always barking at people, and they reached in my door and pulled her out," said victim Janet Nicoulin.

Suddenly little Gracie, the shihtzu, was gone.

A neighbors camera caught three or four people running away and Janet chasing them.
"I'll never see her again. I just hope they take care of her. She's up to date on shots," said victim Janet Nicoulin.
"We could see a white car coming down the street. Backing up the street," said Tom Bozak.

Tim Bozak's cameras at Northcoast Rent-A-Wreck caught the crime on tape. His garage is located on W. 103rd and Madison in Cleveland. The video also has footage of events leading up to the dognapping. it shows a stranger confronting Janet's husband then the stranger watched him go home.

"I really try to look out for the neighbors. We need to look out for each other no matter how you look at it," said Tom Bozak.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Gracie call Crime Stoppers.

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