Browns Are Back, Summerfield Search, Alligator Attack Caught On Camera

It's only the preseason, but the Browns are back in the game.  Sports director Tony Zarrella has all the highlights with the Top Dawg Hanford Dixon, on 19 Action News at 11.  We'll bring you reaction from the fans, and the guys in the locker room too.

Plus, a possible sighting of the prime suspect in the murder of Ashland mom Lynn Jackenheimer.  We have the latest on the manhunt for Nate Summerfield.

Local moms horrified at the county fair.  An alligator show gone wrong.  The video will have you on pins and needles.

Those stories, plus all the top stories.

Romona and I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 11.

Denise Dufala