Browns Players Sunday: Josh Gordon, Trevin Wade

Browns Player Quotes (Josh Gordon and Trevin Wade) 8-12-12

Josh Gordon

(On playing in his first NFL game) – "It was a wild experience. It was definitely something new and something I was trying to prepare myself for. I'm glad I got to get it out of the way and I look forward to the next one."

(On if he could change anything from Friday's game) – "In the game I definitely wish I would have caught a couple of those a lot cleaner and been able to make the play after the catch. Seeing as though there are defensive backs trying to stop you from doing it definitely impeded me a little bit. Like I said, out here at practice, what I'm trying to do is figure out how to get more wide open so I can get a cleaner catch and produce more after the catch."

(On if he thinks it's realistic to learn the offense and be ready for the season opener) – "I feel like that's the reason why they brought me out here. Regardless of the logistics of it, to come out here and contribute as much as I can, if it's starting or backing up or whatever. If Mo's (Mohamed Massaquoi) down, it's me or whoever has to step up and do our job. I definitely think we're all ready for it."

Trevin Wade

(On if this is a big week for him) – "I'm not sure. I'm just going with the flow right now. Wherever coach puts me I'm just trying to pick up on the game faster so if I do get thrown in the fire I'll be fine."

(On if he has spent a lot of time covering the slot receiver) – "I have this camp. (I've been) playing the slot and corner and mostly watching everyone from both sides and picking up on my playbook because I have to learn corner and nickel. I'm just trying to find a way to adjust to both of them and pick up on things fast."

(On the difficulties of covering the slot receiver) – "It's pretty hard if you're not playing with technique because you're in the middle of the field guarding a little quick guy. You just have to be patient and believe what the coaches are telling you. Play your technique and you'll be fine."