Violent Fugitive, Bride Arrested, Left-Handers Day, Win an ipad2

Marco Correa
Marco Correa

The Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force is offering a reward for information which would lead to the capture of fugitive Marco Correa. Correa is wanted by the Cleveland Division of Police for four counts of felonious assault. The charges stem from an assault that took place at Charles's Bar in Cleveland during the early morning hours of July 22nd. It is alleged that Correa and his associates were asked to leave the bar because it was closing. The group did not want to leave and began to argue with the bar employees. An off-duty Cleveland police officer identified himself as law enforcement and told the group to be on their way. This enraged the group and they began to assault the police officer, breaking his jaw. The group then started to assault everyone else in the bar leaving 2 people unconscious and permanently blinding a waitress in the attack. Five people have been arrested, but Correa is still at large.

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of killing her fiancé hours before they were set to get married. Police in Whitehall Township, PA said Na Cola Franklin, 31, stabbed her fiancé to death Saturday morning at their apartment while four children were inside. The victim, 36-year-old Billy Rafael Brewster, was found bleeding outside the apartment. Neighbors said the couple was typically quiet, but were heard arguing before police were called to the scene. Franklin was charged with homicide. She was held without bond after a court appearance Saturday.

Lefties rejoice: southpaws are getting their due. Monday marks the 23rd annual Left-Handers Day. The Left-Handers Club said on their website that lefties need to fit into the comforts of a right-handed world. Monday, the organization encourages left-handed people to rearrange their homes for their own convenience and prohibit the use of right hands in their workspaces. However, the event does not just focus on good-natured fun. The Left-Handers Club started the event to spread awareness about the special needs of left-handed children. President Barack Obama and Harry Truman are among some of the most notable American lefties.

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Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager