Cedar Point continues to soar, unveils new ride

Cedar Point continues to soar, unveils new ride

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - Cedar Fair says new rides and attractions, combined with enhanced guest experiences and improved consumer messaging, drove visitors to parks in early summer season which led to a 5% increase in revenue through the July 4th weekend, which includes Cedar Point in Sandusky.

"We are pleased to see these positive trends early in our operating season," said Matt Ouimet, president and chief executive officer for Cedar Fair, which owns and operates Cedar Point.

"It is clear we have gained traction on the strategic growth drivers we announced in January. Enhanced guest experiences, improved consumer messaging, dynamic pricing, advance purchase commitments and premium product offerings have all contributed to our strong early-season results. Supported by all of these initiatives, we continue to see our season pass programs grow across all of our properties as the consumers recognize the strong entertainment value these passes represent."

For some park-goers, the going's been tough, but not tough enough to keep them away.  Beth Reyes tries to get here more than once a year, "Try to, but money's tight.  This is our first family trip."

On Monday, Cedar Point unveiled their new roller coaster for next season, a $30 million ride called the Gate Keeper, which may be the biggest indicator that financially things are thrilling.

This past summer, the theme park demolished 2 rides, Disaster Transport and the Wild Cat knocking it back to the 3rd most roller coasters in North America.  With their new ride next year, they will again be back at #2.

Cedar Point is in its 143rd season of operation.

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