Browns Monday: Cribbs, Ward, Rubin

Quotes from several Browns players after Monday's practice in Berea.

Joshua Cribbs

(On how important it was to get in the end zone on a return last year at the end of the season)– "It was important just to cap it off and finish strong. I expect a lot more touchdowns this year. I've lost a lot of weight and got a little faster. I'm going to pick my game up a lot this year both on offense and special teams."

(On where he is at in terms of being in the mix at wide receiver)– "This is preseason, a lot of things change once the final roster gets out. Only 53 people can be dressed on gameday and only a certain amount of receivers can be dressed on gameday. I hope to be one of them and I know that when given the opportunity I'm going to make plays, both on offense and special teams. I don't have a doubt in my mind that I'm not going to get in on offense."

T.J. Ward

(On if it makes it tough not knowing who's going to be in there with so many defensive players hurt)- "It makes it a little harder, but as long as everyone is on the same page and the rookies or whoever is filling the spots for the guys who are out, they come in ready and know what they're doing. We talk to each other once the play is going on and are ready to alert before things happen, everything will work out fine."

(On if there is more of an emphasis on stopping the run)- "I don't think there's more emphasis. I think it's always the same emphasis. Stopping the run is very important. It makes third down easier. We are losing some key players, but if we all come in together, we can get it done however long there out. And when they come back, we can keep it rolling."

(On if it took him longer to get comfortable at camp because of missing so much time last season)- "I don't think anyone comes into camp completely comfortable. That's what camp is for, to get the spider webs off and get the habits back. I came in healthy, I was fresh. I still feel that way. Hopefully I'll come out of this preseason completely healthy and we'll roll into the regular season. To be 100 percent comfortable at all times is kind of hard in football because every team throws something different at you."

Ahtyba Rubin

(On how having so many defensive linemen injured is affecting their game)- "It's not really affecting it too much. It's making the young guys like John (Hughes) and Billy Winn step up and make their roles even more important here coming into this Green Bay game."

(On him being a quiet leader in the past and if he needs to be more vocal)- "I just feel like I have to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm more comfortable now in trying to take that position of being a leader, so I can see myself having the younger guys run around and do a lot more stuff. They're picking it up and listening to me. I'm happy about that."

(On how much his play will be affected by Phil Taylor being out)- "Not too much at all. I just have to keep going out there and working on my craft, making sure I'm being that same explosive player, running to the ball, know my position and try to make a lot of plays this year."

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