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Brandon Weeden transcript from Tuesday

Brandon Weeden transcript from Tuesday Brandon Weeden transcript from Tuesday

Berea (WOIO) - After a rough practice on Tuesday morning, some of the Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden met with the media.  Here's what the rookie from Oklahoma State had to say.

(On if he is ready for his second preseason game)– "Yeah, absolutely. It's a quick turnaround, but it's been good. We've had however many practices we've had and we've come together and learned from our mistakes and put together a pretty good week. I'm excited to get back out there and correct the mistakes I made last week."


(On if there are a few things that he wants to improve at this week)– "Yeah, just minor things. The mistakes I made were so small that they're easy fixes. I work on them every day after practice now. The one, the fumble, when I was trying to dump it down to Jordan (Cameron), regardless of if it was or fumble or if it wasn't a fumble, I've got to get that ball out quicker just knowing where we were on the field, knowing how good Phil (Dawson) is. That's three points and I feel like I took away three points from this team. I can correct that by getting the ball out just a split second sooner. That's something you get a feel with as the game goes on. That's the tough part of only playing 15 snaps because you're not really getting into the flow of the game. As a quarterback, you like to get into the flow and the rhythm of the game and get going. It's tough in 15 plays, but that was the one I would really like to have back, just because it took three points off the board."


(On the importance of getting touchdowns as opposed to field goals)– "You guys are out here every day, you have seen me take shot in the end zone. I am not scared to throw the ball in the end zone. There is just a fine line. You have to know the situation. You have to know who your guy is, what route they are running, there are a lot of things that weigh into it. Down in the red zone the backs are open a lot and three points is not the end of the world. Yeah, we all want to get seven points. That's the moral of the story, I want to score every time we touch the football, but sometimes the defense wins. Sometimes you have to tip your cap and it sucks. Sometimes they win a possession and you just have to take three points. Like I said, you guys have seen me enough in practice, I am not scared to throw the ball to the back of the end zone."

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