Camera controversy in Bay Village

Camera controversy in Bay Village

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - A local neighborhood is not happy about one of their neighbors.  Mark Barringer has cameras pointed at them, watching their every move.

Mr. Barringer isn't breaking any laws but his neighbors are scared.  The 35 year old put up 16 security cameras pointed at neighbors homes and they say it's downright creepy.

His next door neighbor has been forced to hang sheets and flags to block his view but she says Mark moves his cameras when she does. She is tired of it.

Barringer's many cameras includes two on the chimney and several pointing neighbors homes and into backyards.  And apparently the man who likes to watch others didn't like us watching him and called the police.
Some of the neighbors have met with the city Law Director trying to get the cameras down. The Problem is --  it's completely legal as long as he's not filming inside their windows.

19 Action News looked into Barringers past: He has four misdemeanors including criminal trespass and indecent exposure.

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