Dog rescued from train tracks appears to have been stuck, not tied

Dog rescued from train tracks appears to have been stuck, not tied

After a dog was rescued from railroad tracks in the Tremont area last week, the city of Cleveland says that they have found no evidence that two other dogs were killed on the tracks around the same time.

There was a report that three dogs were tied to the tracks August 10th and two of the dogs were killed and the third dog survived after being run over by a train.  A city spokesperson said at this time animal control has no evidence that supports that any other dogs were killed by a train.

Cleveland police say they did a interview with the worker who found the rescued dog and it appears that the dog may have broke away from some where and the leash got stuck on the tracks, and was not tied there.

Caretakers at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter believe the dog hunched down as the trained roared by, and due to her small size, miraculously managed to survive.

The dog had a collar, but no owner information. Officials are not sure if the pup was stolen or ran away.

"The plans are to let her chill out, get used to us, get medical check-up and she'll get shots," said Cuyahoga County Dog Warden Lesley Desouza. "We'll reassess putting her up for adoption if the owners don't come and claim her."

For now, the shelter is thrilled with how well she is adjusting, considering the terrifying ordeal she went through.

"When she came in, she was scared to death. Trembling and she wouldn't let anyone near her," Desouza said. "Yesterday (Tuesday) we had her out playing. Now she's comfortable, well adjusted and well-behaved."

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