Editorial: Crime has no boundaries

WOIO Editorial: Crime has no boundaries

(WOIO) - Maybe it's just me, but it seems criminals are getting bolder by the minute around here in the city of Cleveland and in the supposedly safe suburbs as well.  You know, in just a weeks time, four visitors to downtown Cleveland had their vehicles hijacked at gunpoint -- in broad daylight.  In the shadows of police headquarters and the Justice Center.

Around the time of the car-jackings, a team of dog-nappers were caught on camera, entering someone's west side home and snatching the family pet.  An outbreak of home burglaries has kept Lakewood residents on edge all summer and, in Parma some brazen thieves tried to haul away an ATM machine from a local gas station.

And, not to be forgotten, you know it was at a Westlake movie theatre where a man walked in the other day with a satchel of ammunition, knives and a loaded gun.

Well, these bold crimes may be a reflection of desperate times and if so it would be wise for all of us to be on our guard.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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