One-on-One with VP hopeful Paul Ryan

One-on-One with VP hopeful Paul Ryan

(WOIO) - In Campaign 2012, Ohio continues to be a frequent stop in the race for the White House.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan the latest to visit with a campaign stop at Walsh University on Thursday.

Ryan told the crowd that he and running mate Mitt Romney have a better plan for America. A formula, he says, that will lead to more jobs, less debt and a healthier economy.

"The goal is to create 12 million new jobs in the next four years by growing the economy at 4%," VP hopeful Ryan told Reporter Paul Orlousky. "We really think that with these policies we're proposing we can do that."

"The President, he's given us four budgets, $4 trillion plus deficit.  He's never proposed a balanced budget ever," he added.

In the short term, Ryan's tax cut plan outweighs spending cuts.

"The key, the secret to balancing the budget is getting people back to work, growing the economy, cutting spending and reforming the drivers of our debt.  Reforming these government programs that are driving out debt."

Government entitlement programs are sure to be an election year hot button. Medicare being near the top of the list.

"What President Obama does is he takes $716 billion from the Medicare program to spend on Obamacare that leads to fewer services for seniors," the VP hopeful said.

He calls his plan to save Medicare "premium support" saying there are no cuts for anyone 55 or over.

"You pick your plan and then Medicare subsidizes your plan based on need.  Less for wealthy people, more for middle income people, total coverage for the poor and the sick."

He says President Obama can't run on his record and is resorting to attacking opponents.  However, he didn't hold back his own criticism.

"We think the President's path of debt, doubt and decline is the wrong path for the country.  We're gonna offer the country a better future with better ideas and better solutions."

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