Students get ready for school as district puts levy on the ballot

Students get ready for school as district puts levy on the ballot

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson held his 6th Annual Youth Summit and the Cleveland Municipal School District's Back to School Fair Saturday afternoon.

The event provided workshops and information booths and offered school supplies and health screenings for students.

But the district has a challenge going into this school year, announcing they're placing a school levy on the November 6th ballot.  Jackson says "We have deep and broad support across this community because it is of critical importance to have the resources to implement our plan to educate every Cleveland child."

The levy campaign manager, Blaine Griffin told 19 Action News today that the levy, if passed would essentially cost the average Cleveland home owner about 63 cents a day.  Griffin called it an investment, "With all of this construction we have seen in the city of Cleveland, upwards of $7 billion worth of construction, we've done a great job building the infrastructure of this city now we need to make sure we have the right educated work force for this city".

"I am confident we can win this vote with this showing of broad-based support," Mayor Jackson said earlier this week. "The citizens of Cleveland can be completely assured that this plan is the right one at the right time to educate our children. We are here for the children."

Michael Aaron has four children in Cleveland Schools and is in favor of the levy, saying "that's our future, that's who's going to take care of us."  He added that he is concerned about all the "teachers who have been let go", saying,  "I'm trying to figure out if I should home school my kids because the Cleveland schools are too crowded."

Griffin said his own children are in crowded classes with about 44 kids and said "We have to do the right thing.  We can't allow children and our investment in the future to go by the wayside."

Kali Hatten, who will be a 5th grader this year at Cleveland School of The Arts, may have said it best when he told 19 Action News, "yeah, because we're called the Cleveland School of The Arts and it wouldn't make any sense because the art teachers are gone now."

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