Hang Up! Beachwood Police start ticketing for cell phones

Hang Up! Beachwood Police start ticketing for cell phones

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - The cell phone law that went into effect last month will be enforced, as police will begin issuing tickets today.

On Monday, police were issuing warnings to drivers near the intersection of Shaker and Richmond.  One doctor we spoke with said, "So you mean I can't pick up emergency calls from my patients, I guess I'll just have to pull over."

Sunday, drivers at one Beachwood intersection applied mascara, adjusted their GPS's, text and talk on their cell phones.

Only a few feet away, a sign warning that if you're on your phone while you drive, you'll be busted.

"Cell phones are meant to be used where ever, but not in a car. Smart places," said Imani Pouewells.

He speaks from experience, one of his friends was injured in an accident as a result of someone using his cell phone while driving, "He was turning his phone off. He looked down for a quick second and a car cut him off."

That's why Beachwood City Council voted to ban cell phone use as well as the use of other mobile devices while you're driving.

Now you'll pay if you're paying attention to a cell phone or any other electric device instead of concentrating on the road.

Beachwood Police will hand you a ticket for over a hundred bucks if you're caught.  You'll also have two points on your license.

If you have a hands free system for your car, that's okay. You won't get a ticket.

But the days of chatting or using your phone in the driver's seat are over.  Beachwood Police hope you get that signal loud and clear.

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