Browns fans greeted with new security at stadium

Browns fans greeted with new security at stadium

Fans got their first look at the new security measures at Browns Stadium Friday night.

In the past, the Browns patted down fans and scanned them with metal detector wands from the knees down. The new policy is part of metal detector security procedures going into effect league-wide.

"It's great. Everybody needs to be protected", said one fan after going through the checkpoint. "Doesn't matter", said another.

We even took out a stopwatch to check for potential delays.  The checks we saw took four to fifteen seconds. A wait in line: 45 seconds.

The NFL told us, "We are always refining and improving our comprehensive security procedures at all of our stadiums."

Scott Nunnari from Columbia Station said, "The airport violence is down to nothing because they've taken the measures.  Some of the measures may seem frivolous, but the bottom line is you have to walk through something that knows if you're carrying a weapon and they see everything."

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