Perez Confronts A's Fan

(WOIO) - Indians management has responded to Chris Perez's comments towards an Oakland fan. Perez was involved in a verbal confrontation with a heckler before Sunday's game between the Tribe and the A's. The incident was caught on film and has made the rounds on the Internet. Perez was heard cursing at the fan and at one point even compared salaries with him.

Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti has now responded. "While there is more to the situation than the video depicts, Chris understands that he should have handled the situation differently," said Antonetti. "In my conversation with him, Chris assured me that he would deal with any future incidents more appropriately."

Perez says that particular fan has harassed him before games for years. Here is a transcript of what was caught on film.

Fan: "Blow some more saves, bro. Blow some more saves. Both of you. You and guy ... blow some more saves."

Perez: "I got more saves than your whole @#$% team does, so why don't you go look at those stats, you #$%^&."

Fan: "Oh, what's the standings? Oh, we're ahead of you."

Perez: "I don't give a @#$%. I don't give a @#$%."

Fan (to security): "He's swearing. I'm not."

Perez: "What's my salary this year?"

Fan: "What's your salary? Who gives a @#$%? How many blown saves you got?"

Perez: "Four. Was I an All-Star again? Was I an All-Star again?"

Fan (to some other Indians player): "Hey, who the hell are you? Who the hell are you? I don't even know who you are."

Perez: "Was I an All-Star again, you piece of @#$%? Go back to your @#$% [inaudible]."

Fan (to someone else): "Go back to whatever Triple-A team you are. You're all scrubs. You play for the Indians."

Perez asks security to remove the fan.

Fan: "Oh, get me out of here?"

Perez (waving good bye to fan): "Have a nice day."

Fan: "Have I said a swear word?"

Perez (walking away): "Get your @#$% out of your mouth."

Fan: "I haven't ... Oh. Really? Really? Hey. Did you hear that?

Other fan: "I did."

Fan: Did you hear that? You're classless, bro. Get a haircut. You're garbage. You are garbage. You're garbage. Way to come over here and show yourself. Way to prove yourself, garbage man."

Other fan: "Hey, gimme a high-five. They gave each other high-fives."

Fan: Yeah, keep walking away. Garbage.