Browns players' transcripts from Monday

Browns players' transcripts from Monday
Browns players' transcripts from Monday

Berea (WOIO) - Browns tight end Jordan Cameron and cornerback David Sims met with the media after Monday's practice.  Here's what the two players had to say.

Jordan Cameron:

(On if he feels a lot more involved this year in the offense) – "Yes, definitely. I think I've been involved with the ones, two's and three's. I'm getting a lot of reps and that's good. I just need to keep taking advantage of the reps."

(On what he wanted to improve on coming into this season) – "Just my overall technique. The little things, like getting your feet and your hands right. Where to go in the run game and the little things in route running too with reading the coverage's, looking at the defenses and seeing the secondary. Getting the bigger picture of not knowing just what I do, but what everyone else does so I know where to fit in with the concept."

(On if he gets feedback from other players) – "A lot of critical (feedback). They're talking about the details a lot like 'Jordan, you've got to do this right.' It may look good to someone else, but sometimes my feet are wrong and I make the block but my feet aren't right. So they're looking at the little things and I have to get a lot better at those things."



David Sims:

(On how training camp has gone so far) – "I'm just trying to improve every day.  I want to show the coaches that I can play, work on my craft and do everything I need to do to make the plays in practice so that I can take them into the games."

(On taking the opportunities he gets in training camp) – "I seem to find the ball. I try to do what I need to do to make plays because I know my situation. I'm a free agent. This is my second year. Last year, around this time, I didn't really get an opportunity when I was at New York (Giants) and I sat out most of the year. So I came here to show them that I could really play so I could make the team and help the team."

(On if special teams will play a role in making the team) – "Yes, most definitely. You have to play special teams, especially as a free agent. That's what you have to do. You have to get on every team to make plays. Then, once you get in on defense, you do what you have to do to also make the team."

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