Recent Crimes Raise Suburban Safety Questions

Violent crimes like assaults to carjacking are not something you normally hear about in quiet suburbia.  But we've been hearing about them more and more.  What's going on in the suburbs?

A man carjacks a woman in Avon then sends police on a chase that ends in Westlake where he crashes the stolen car.

Police say the suspect then tried to hide in a family's apartment.  Amanda Desena says "We followed a trail of blood to my son's nursery where I started off and he was in there laying next to my son's crib."

And just last week Westlake police arrested a 25-year-old man from New Mexico, after they say he beat up a woman in the Regal Theater parking lot.

Earlier this month Scott Smith of North Ridgeville was arrested for bringing a backpack full of weapons into the "Dark Knight Rises" movie in Westlake.  He claimed he was trying to protect himself.

So is crime on the rise?  We talked to Westlake's Police Captain Guy Turner.

"Sometimes it comes spread out over the year other times like recently it comes in short violent outbursts and that's what we're seeing now by the end of the year I expect it to level off just as the past few," says Turner.

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