Casino Crime, Deadly Drive-By, Pricey Pair

We are asking tough questions tonight about your safety in downtown Cleveland.
Our Ed Gallek broke the news about a couple of gamblers attacked at gunpoint.
We'll bring you a live report at 11.

And we have new details tonight in the death of an 8-year-old Ohio boy.  A bullet killed him while he slept in his bunk bed.  Tonight we've learned police have made an arrest in that drive-by shooting.

Would you shell out $315 for the new Nike Lebron James tennis shoe?  The price of the new king of kicks has outraged a lot of people.

Plus, it's been topping web searches for weeks now.  We'll bring you the latest news about Apple's new iPhone 5.

Romona and I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 11.

Denise Dufala