Lack of action over sign bugs both sides

Lack of action over sign bugs both sides

INDEPENDENCE, OH (WOIO) - It's weathered and worn.  A protest sign in the front of Leo Glaser's home.  He seemed to relish in the fact that we were taking video of it.  That's because he has an agenda.

"I want somebody in the city to take me to court," Glaser told us.

Glaser has a beef with education for his deaf children and saying the city has turned a deaf ear to his concerns.  So he's put up the sign calling the city the "Kingdom of Independence."

Listed on it are people involved or mentioned in the County Corruption investigation.

"All of these people live in Independence," he informed us.

The weather-worn sign is wearing on some folks.  They tell us it's been up for months now and want it down.

Glaser said, "I was threatened by the city law director but this is all within my constitutional rights my first amendment rights, freedom of speech. It's on private property."

Glaser's free speech is one issue, but Independence's sign ordinance is another issue. The sign is in violation of that ordinance. He's been cited but hasn't taken it down. What upsets people who are upset about it is the city hasn't stepped in to make him do it.

"The law director sent me a thing saying if I don't take them down they're gonna take me to court."

But they never did and to some listed on the sign but not convicted of anything they are being embarrassed and their names dragged through the mug because the city won't act.

Not everyone is a Glaser critic, one person told us, "He's right you know."

By not acting, the city isn't making anyone happy.  Not Glaser who wants his day in court, nor others including the families of those who have already had theirs.

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