Sen. John Glenn talks about friend, Neil Armstrong

Sen. John Glenn talks about friend, Neil Armstrong

It's not every day you find astronaut and Senator John Glenn in the dugout at Progressive Field.

On a day when he was scheduled to be here to talk about the 50th anniversary of the Mercury Flight, Glenn found himself talking about an old friend, Neil Armstrong, "He was just a good guy.  And I'll always remember him as a wonderful friend."

Armstrong passed away Saturday at the age of 82.  Glenn said he knew is friend was having some heart troubles, "We knew he was on a downward slide."

Several hundred feet away from the dugout was an exhibit that taught kids about the accomplishments of Neil Armstrong and to dream big things like he did.

Joe Corrigan from Parma says, "He's cool because he's the first man to walk on the moon."

For those old enough, they remember where they were when Armstrong took that giant step for mankind, "Think of the risks.  Nobody knew what would happen to him the day he stepped on the moon," said Gavin from New Jersey.

Today, kids dream of doing what Armstrong and Glenn did, but who can top the man who walked on the moon.  Admittedly, John Glenn says not even himself, "People have looked up for tens of thousands of years and wondered what was up there and all at once Neil was able to make the first foot print on the moon.  So I told him, that's one I could be jealous of!"

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