Rain: A welcome sight for many, but not for all

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Monday's rain was the first significant rainfall we've had in a while but some people are drying out from the storms that caused some headaches.

On the outside of Sabrina Barksdale's Maple Heights home things look normal but walk inside to the basement and you'll find a flood of problems.

"It seems to be deeper in this area," said Sabrina Barksdale.

It's not exactly how she wanted to start her work week.  Several inches of water came pouring in, after several areas got soaked.  And to make matters worse Sabrina says now she's dealing with a sewage issue.

"It was raining pretty bad today but never would I have imagined coming home and just seeing all this in my basement," said Sabrina Barksdale.

Sabrina's trying to salvage what she can but piles of clothes could be ruined, along with the sofa.
Her fear now is that mold will start moving in.
"I'm thinking I'm coming home to relax picking the kids up from school and I got to deal with this," said Sabrina Barksdale.
And while many people welcomed the rain Sabrina wishes it would have stayed dry.

"We needed the rain but I don't think like this," said Sabrina Barksdale.

Sabrina tells 19 Action News that she's waiting to hear from her landlord. She hopes he will send someone over the get the water out of the basement.

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