Player in corruption scandal changes plea to guilty

Player in corruption scandal changes plea to guilty

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Michael Forlani, charged along with Jimmy Dimora in the county corruption investigation, changed his plea in Federal Court on Thursday.  Forlani changed his plea to guilty to 13 counts of bribery, conspiracy, and RICO statutes.  His sentencing is set for 1December 6, 2012.

He has agreed to forfeit various proceeds from his schemes.  His plea deal remains sealed.  it is unclear how much time he is facing.  The final decision is up to Judge Sarah Lioi.

Forlani had previously pleaded not guilty to bribing Dimora in order to win business for his company, Doan Pyramid Electric.  Forlani is the latest construction executive to fall in the investigation.  He provided electrical work for Dimora at his Independence home.  He had an interest in the Wade Park Veterans Hospital project among others that got Dimora's support.

After Dimora was found guilty in another case, charges against him in this case were dropped. Dimora has begun serving a 28 year prison sentence.

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