Grafton Police Chief fired by Village Council

Grafton Police Chief fired by Village Council

GRAFTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Big mystery in a small town as the Grafton Village Council held a meeting Tuesday night where they unanimously voted to fire Police Chief Lonnie Carroll without reason.

Also, during the meeting, which lasted only just over 2 minutes, the council voted to immediately have Danny Clark take over as acting police chief in his place.

After the meeting 19 Action News asked Mayor Megan Flanigan why Chief Carroll was fired, and she said she no comment.

Chief Lonnie Carroll had just returned from a sick leave, before he was placed on paid administrative leave by Mayor Flanigan and was given an escort out of the building for no apparent reason Monday morning.

There is talk around the town that some officers wanted to join a union, but the village's population is not big enough to support one.

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