Booted Browns fan speaks

Jim Becker
Jim Becker

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Jim Becker says he got booted out of the latest Browns home game for standing up after the team scored a touchdown.

Becker says he, his wife and a friend were at Friday's preseason game against the Eagles when someone complained about them standing.  Becker said, "We were high fiving each other. It's the only exciting part in the game, at that point, and that's when about four police officers and three security guards came up and tell us all three of us had to leave."

Becker told us the cops walked them out and wrote up a misconduct report. That was embarrassing for the 10-year season ticket holder.

Becker has even turned his man cave into a Browns basement with just about every kind of memorabilia you can think of.

He says, "I can understand if you're standing the whole game or getting in the way.  But exciting parts of the game you should be standing up.  It's not the opera."

Becker tells us the whole experience is enough to make him rethink cheering for the orange and brown.

A Browns spokesperson says the team does not have a policy regarding "excessive standing" and doesn't target people for standing.  They do target behavior that's disruptive to other fans (which could include many things.)

Jim tells us someone with the Browns organization has already contacted him and he plans on talking with them on Wednesday.

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