More bike lane mileage coming to Cleveland

More bike lane mileage coming to Cleveland

The city of Cleveland just announced there are big changes coming to Detroit. For some it's pedal perfect but for others it will be a commuter crunch.

The city of Cleveland has been working very hard to make the city more bike friendly especially with the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway.  Here's a look at the newest plan: from West 25th to Lake Avenue Detroit will now be one lane in both directions to install a bike lane in both directions.
Jim Sheehan is Executive Director of Ohio City Bicycle Co-op and says Cleveland has definitely made pedal progress.

But drivers say taking 40 blocks of Detroit Avenue down to only two lanes will be a commuter mess in the mornings.

The total cost of the project is $80,000. it's expected to be complete by end of the year or next spring.

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