O-HI-O-verboard?: Tasteless T-shirt's

O-HI-O-verboard?: Tasteless T-shirt's

Ohio State takes the field Saturday.  It's their first game under Urban Meyer's leadership but some fans are stirring up controversy with what some people are calling tasteless T-shirts!
It's always been the Buckeyes versus the Amazing Blue but now Penn State is being thrown into the game with this T-shirt that reads "I'd rather shower at Penn State than cheer for the Wolverines."  The tag line refers to the 2001 incident involving former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky, who raped a boy in the Penn State locker room.

We caught up with several people including Ohio State fans who were disgusted by the T-shirt and say the wouldn't think of putting it on....

"It crosses the line."
"Very poor taste."

"Yeah I don't like it. It doesn't sit right with me."

"The school shouldn't be negatively looked at forever because of one person's actions."

"I'd never wear anything that's repulsive like that."

But not everyone is bothered by the words and the message on the shirt.
"I'd wear it cause it's funny  -- only cause it's funny."
"I'd wear it because the Wolverines suck."

OSU officials say the T-shirt is not sanctioned by the university and they have no idea where it came from. They call it "appalling" to make light of a tragedy like this.
"The implication is pretty nasty."

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