Down to the Wire: Both parties spend big bucks in Ohio

Down to the Wire: Both parties spend big bucks in Ohio

We are 67 days away from election day and two polls out this week show a virtual dead heat between Mitt Romney and President Obama.
The election will likely come down to Ohio and its 18 electoral votes.

Despite their differences, democrats and republicans agree on two things -- that this will be an incredibly close race, and we are ground zero.

Tonight, all eyes are on Mitt Romney as he delivers his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention and voters have high expectations.

"Just to explain himself, what his goals are, how he's going to solve our problems and what he projected for our future for the united states."

Both sides know it'll be a tight race.  The Cleveland television market has been bombarded with political spending, we're talking tens of millions, record figures.  State Treasurer and candidate for Senate has been trying to reach undecided voters on behalf of himself and Governor Romney.

"I am reaching out to a lot of democrats, independent voters, explaining why we need fiscal conservatives and leaders in Washington who understand importance of focusing on job creation," said Josh Mandel.

Obama volunteer Kenn Johnson has made it his mission to get people registered to vote.

"I've registered 1,037 to date in Ward 2 alone.  It's getting out that message of hope to folks," said Kenn Johnson.

State Rep. John Barnes believes come election day, the key to success will be voter turnout.

"This is going to be one of the closest elections ever, so it's extremely important that people not become so excited, that we recognize we have a responsibility to get to the poll," said State Rep. John Barnes.

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